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Safety Tips

    1. Remember to lock all your doors in your vehicle, home or office.

    2. Keep your area lighted.

    3. Know who comes in or around your home.

    4. If you own a home, get an alarm system.

    5. If you rent, still get an alarm for your home.

    6. If you have a door bell, look into getting an alarm that has a camera on the door bell. One company is called ring. Look into it.

    7.. Don’t brag about what you have in your home.

    8 Beware of what you post online.

   9. Turn off your location. People do not need to know where you are online when you post.

  10. No one needs to know your every move online.

   10. Look out your  window, before you answer the door.

   11. Use your peep hold if you have one.

   12. Watch who you bring home.



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