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 Elfago Franklin I, founded Frank’s Lock and Key in 1988. After serving in the Armed Forces, active and reservist, he  wanted  to do something different regarding his career.

Elfago I, took advantage of his GI bill for education and went to Little Falls New Jersey for Locksmith.

He started part-time, while still working at Fort Eustis, Virginia.  Frank’s Lock and Key Service was started in the city of Hampton, Virginia, where Elfago I, was born and raised.

As years went by, Frank the locksmith decided to move his business and  his family to Newport News, Virginia

Everyone started calling Elfago I, Frank for short for Franklin.  That’s how the name Frank’s Lock and Key Service was  founded. Nickname Frank the locksmith.

It was hard  to break the barriers of being in business and a Locksmith of color.

 While learning locksmith, another locksmith  that was already in business for himself helped Frank learn certain things regarding locks and safes.

He challenged himself and plenty of times frank really wanted to stop locksmith, due to certain challenges he was facing. He knew he had to keep going for himself.

Frank  knew what he wanted out of life and he  wanted to reach higher for himself.

It’s been a roller coaster for Frank,  founder of Frank’s Lock and Key Service in Newport News, Virginia.

He has beat the barriers of being the only full time owned black Locksmith in the Hampton Roads, Tidewater area since 1988 and beyond.

License and Bonded. 11-5832 DCJ#

 Elfago W. Franklin I , is a Disability Veteran of Armed Forces.  Elfago W. Franklin I(Frank The Locksmith), is a hidden figure that has  broken barriers for others along the way.

Written by Carla J Kee-Franklin   


  E.W. Franklin I  is certified, bonded and insured.  Provides complete locksmith service since 1988.

Frank's Lock and Key is locally owned and operated by Elfago W. Franklin I  

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Frank’s Lock and Key in Newport was on a job.

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